Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More on my new E2

Below are some pics of my new E2:

This label was on the outside of the box.  Basically, it's just letting me know that the digital display for the Cricut Decals was incorrect.  I honestly didn't check this fact when I turned on the machine. I just scrolled through all the cartridges loaded.

This is what the screen looked like as soon as I turned it on:
 After calibrating, which was super easy, only took seconds...
 My awesome Certificate of Authencity
Once I hooked it up to the computer, this is the what the E2 screen looked like as it was updating

 and this is what my Mac looked like

 My handy dandy handbooks. I received all four and enjoyed looking at all of them...

and this is my very first cut from Cricut Essentials.  I used DCWV sticker backed cardstock, the display on the machine read -medium paper and blade depth of 6.  The number facing me on the blade housing indicated 4 not sure if this matters or not.  The machine cut beautifully and quickly.
So far, I have no complains.  I will admit that I'm having a hard time figuring out where I plug in the gypsy.  There are two options on the back one for the electrical outlet and the other to connect the USB to the computer.  I did post on the cricut MB and hopefully will be able to figure it out by this evening. 
I'm glad my E2 arrived so quickly because I have an enormous amount of things to get ready. I'm doing party favors for a communion and a graduation party.

Aside from party favors, I'm getting cards ready that will be sent to our wonderful service men and women.  It's a community project my son is working on. As part of his project he is collecting thank you cards and blank cards that our service men and women can use for their own purposes. I'm hoping to cut out all the cards on the 'Just a Note' cartridge.  Needless to say, May will be a very busy month for me. Wish me luck!!

Well, thanks for looking and I hope you come back and see all my projects...