Monday, July 18, 2011

So many things, not enough time!!

Hello my crafty readers, hope everyone is doing well. Just stopping by to say hi. I've been super busy at work,  wrapping things up before my vacay kicks in at the end of this week, a death in the family and trying to make the summer enjoyable for my kids.  One thing for sure, my Cricut has been busy.  I put a quick collage together for my beautiful 92 year old aunt that passed away and used my Cricut. Nothing too elaborate but it looked nice.  Imagine my surprise, when at the viewing I was approached by a distant cousin who I probably haven't seen since our last family funeral (seems the family only gets together at sad times), anyway, my cousin asked how I cut the words on the collage? I said, I have this machine that cuts, and she asked, "Is it a Cricut?", I said yes and we laughed and laughed.  Anyway, we exchanged numbers and plan on getting together sometime before the summer is over to craft.  An old friend also found me on the Cricut messageboard.  She's a dear friend and we usually send out an email about once a year.  She lives down south and we don't get together.  I was completely surprised to find out she was into crafting, don't know if she has a Cricut or not but hopefully we'll talk soon.

Anyway, I haven't been crafting at all even though there have been a few challenges I wanted to join.  Many ideas spinning in my head and I'm hoping to get some crafting done soon.  For now, I leave  you with this picture I took in the city yesterday, while strolling with my son, hubby and grandson.
This is the Sketch setting.  I think it's my favorite setting.

This is the macro setting. I really enjoyed photographing the beautiful flowers they had.  
We visited the High Line and had a great time.  I made it a "photo day".  I have a new camera that my family gave me for Mother's day and I'm trying to learn how to use it.  I love photography and would love to take some classes....maybe sometime soon.

Anyway, this is all for now.  Hope to be back with some projects. Thanks for stopping by!

Sending you crafting wishes,