Wednesday, December 5, 2012

8th grade Bulletin Board

Hello my crafty's been ages since I've posted anything. Didn't intend on being silent for so long but I've been super busy with work, school and family obligations.  Busy is good I guess but I haven't had time to play with my cricut.

A few weeks ago, I decided to help the 8th grade class at work set up a bulletin board that parents could view as they waited for their turn on parent/teacher night.  The picture is of poor quality because I used my phone but it helps to give you an idea of what the bulletin board looked like.

The students decided to  name it Facebook. I cut the letters using the cricut craftroom basics.  All the fake iPods were cut using the Rock Princess cartridge.  I love the multitude of colors and it looks great hanging in the hallway.  On the iPods they wrote down their favorite song.

Well this is all for now and maybe during the Christmas break I'll have a chance to play around with my poor neglected machine.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!

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Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello crafters...hope you are enjoying the summer thus far...I for one hope August doesn't go too fast...I'm enjoying my summer hours and I'm not exactly looking forward to working full days in September.....

Now onto my latest project...I made two wreaths for my daughter to give to her mentors at work.  The first one is a baby wreath because mentor A is expecting a baby girl any day now...

 I haven't found a good spot to take pictures and this particular one was taken on top of my washing machine, the laundry room has the brightest light - my apologies for the poor quality pics..Everything on the wreath was cut from the New Arrival cartridge with the exception of the butterflies, I used a Stampin' Up butterfly punch for that and about 95% of the paper is also from Stampin' Up.

Here are some close ups of the cuts...

 I also used glue pop dots in between the layers to give it more definition..

I used my original cricut expression with these because when I tried it on my E2 I found that the layers were not lining up at all.  I checked all my settings, made sure real size was not selected, only paper saver mode but still no luck.  I have the gypsy but since I was on limited time I didn't want to fidget with the gypsy...besides, at my age, my eyes sometimes get tired of looking at the small screen.

Here is the second wreath I made using the Rock Princess cartridge

This is one is my favorite...all the papers are from Stampin' Up.  I don't have the sizes for the cuts for either wreath but this is saved on CCR. Again, I was in a rush and didn't get that many are a few more close ups..

I didn't do too much embellishing on these, a little spica marker here and there and some embossing. 
Both recipients were happy with their gifts.

I'm not sure what my next project will be but it will surely be a back to school theme...

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

5lb Hershey bar

Hi everyone, it's been a busy summer, lots of things going on...some sad and some happy!! Just stopping by to show you all this 5lb. Hershey bar I decorated for my daughter and her co-workers at her summer job.  It's a program just for girls which is great...does alot for their self esteem and keeps them busy during the month of July.  My daughter is 16yrs. old and attends their Saturday program during the school year. During the summer she is given the opportunity to work with them and help with the younger girls...anyway, they are close to the end of the program and I received this bar from the fundraising coordinator at the school I work at.

I used the Rock Princess cartridge for this little project...

Here are a few close ups of the girls...

I used some spica markers to add glitter to their clothes and eyes.  I even stamped a little something on their blouses...

The hearts on the letters and the girls were glued on with pop dots..

Here's another picture..

I hope the girls at the program like it...without a doubt they'll love the chocolate!!

Will be back later in the week with pics of two wreaths I'm doing for two of the teachers at the program...

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Friday, June 29, 2012

More party favors

Just wanted to post these projects.....
Made 100 of these for a Sweet 16. Had a heck of a time keeping the sides together.  Nothing I used work - ATG, 2-way glue...finally used some tacky tape and that worked until I ran out.  Ended up running around like crazy cause I was short on time but then found some great tape, similar to scor-tape and that saved the day...
Here are a few more pics..

I embossed all the flaps with the swiss dots cuttlebug folder. 

These last favors were used for my daughter's baby shower.  I have to admit I was a little sloppy when attaching the printed ribbon.  Again, short on time!
 Made 24 of these...
Another close up
Favors spread out across the table....

I also made some table decorations for a friend for her daughter's baby shower, I'll post those pics at a later time.  Gotta run now...
Thanks for stopping by!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Shower Onesie

Wow! It's been too long since my last post...hopefully I'll be able to share more once summer vacation begins in a few more weeks.  Now onto my latest project, made 75 invitations for a friend.  She's hosting a baby shower for her daughter. The theme is ladybugs.  I had hoped to do something with more ladybugs on it but was unable to replicate the ideas I found online...

This was my final product ~

Here's a close up

Onesie was cut using CCR, it's from the New Arrival cart.  It measures about 4.5in. I did all the wording on Microsoft Word and after I assembled the onesie, I taped it to a blank sheet of paper using painter's tape and ran it through my printer.  It took long but I was happy with the outcome.  The buttons on the bottom were made with the Viva Decor paint.  Some are all red, some all white and a few had a combination of both colors.  The ladybug is a puffy sticker. 

Well this is all for now....if you stopped by ~ I thank you!!
Linking this up to Celebrate the Occasion: Challenge #64. It's an 'anything goes challenge'. Come join the have until June 3rd....

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Very Hoppy Easter

Just stopping by to show you pics of the Easter bags I made for my two beautiful grandsons...

Here's a closer look...shapes are all from the CCR Basic shapes 
and the carrot is from Create a Critter cartridge. I added some waxed twine for the whiskers and used my white gel pen on the eyes...
 I made the carrots from Teresa Collins' Bunny and Chicks digital cartridge...
They were very easy to put together...I added yellow grass and some candy and just closed them shut with curling ribbon...These were for my kids...ages range from 14 to need for baskets for them...they just want the candy!

Well this is all for now..hope you had a wonderful Easter...I sure did! Thanks for stopping by!

Sending you crafting wishes,

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cropping Weekend

Hello my crafty friends, it's been a while since I've posted anything ...keeping myself busy with different projects...
Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in my first cropping weekend.  I had a great time...joined a great group of women, which included two of my cousins.  We stayed at the Hudson Valley Resort..the weather was great the entire weekend...There was inspiration everywhere I turned...While I took lots of things with me, I didn't get much accomplished...especially because I didn't take any pictures with me...I didn't do much the first night, brainstormed a little because I had promised my daughter that I would work on baby shower invites....even though I was surrounded by many beautiful layouts, ideas were slow to come but eventually I did get one and started to cut all my pieces with the two cricut machines that were available to us...Aside from this, there were 3 make and takes that I completed but I haven't photographed them yet...those will come soon...

Here's a picture of the giraffes I cut, the theme is jungle..I didn't take any pics of the final invite but my daughter did send me a picture taken with her cell phone..

I created these with create a critter cartridge, 25 in total...I'll be making a banner and a few more things soon...

Well this is all for now...thanks for stopping by and have a blessed Easter!

Sending you crafting wishes, 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday bash

Well, as I previously are the pics from my grandson's 1st bday party.

Here are the invites...all cardstock is from American Crafts - Primary colors.  They measure about 4.5 all around....
Characters are from the Bump in the Night cartridge.  I alternated the colors for the invites and the monsters.  Information is printed on white copy paper and washi tape is on the bottom. 
This is by far my favorite character and I'm upset with myself for not taking a better picture when I had the chance, this picture below is courtesy of my cousin who was kind enough to snap pics of the day while I entertained the guest.
He measures 23in. in length and about the same in width.  I used my gypsy to cut him and split the image in two.  The idea was to play "pin the eye on the monster".  I used random scalloped circles that I had and put the child's initials on it.  Of course, everyone was a winner.  This little fellow here is my cousin's son and he was so super happy when he placed his 'eye' in place...I think this was my favorite part of the day....
I can't remember what cart I used for the banner but the letters are from the Don Juan cart. They are cut at 5in. I love this font...the "1st" is cut with Alphalicious and measures about 10in. in length, the word "birthday" is from 'Create a Critter' and it spans about 23in. in width.

Now for the party bags, I cut 3 of each character.  The idea was to have the kids match their monster to their party bag and to their drawing space.  The largest was cut at 5 in. because it was supposed to be part of their party hat but once the kids were here, we decided that putting it on a string and hanging it around their neck worked better for matching purposes.  These are some of the characters, laid out on the table so that each guest could pick their monster.

Here's how they looked on the party bags

I stamped Thank you  on the bottom of each bag before filling them up with goodies.
 Close ups of the bags.  The aunt of the bday boy, my oldest daughter, did all the faux stitching....
The image on the bags was cut at about 3.5 inches and so was the image that was placed in each child's designated drawing area.  I don't have any pics but I placed 11x17 white copy paper with a monster on it, on the wall in random spots around the house and every guest had to find their matching monster and draw a picture.  Again, it was a great hit with the kids.

On the cake, I placed an extra monster I had because the cake was a plain one and we couldn't get the sprinkles to stick to the sides without risking dropping the cake.
I had planned for a few more things like monster toppers for the cupcakes that were served and drawing the monsters with Cricut markers on several sheets to make a small coloring book for the kids but ran out of time. 
Now one last pic...
The bday boy stuffing his face with a mini cupcake...he really enjoyed it! 

Well, if you made this far...a big thank you...I know it was long...
Thanks for stopping by!
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Basketball Treats

Hello blogland....I made some quick party bags to give to the girl's basketball team at work.  All of the girls were first time players and although I didn't see any of the games, I've been told they played their hearts out.  The school teachers and staff decided to give them a small party to celebrate their great season! I didn't get a good picture with my camera because I was short on time...had to snap a quick picture with my phone before the bags were given out....
There was a total of 12 bags.  I used Once Upon a Princess  cart for the girls and for the clothes and basketball I used Everyday Paper Dolls.  On the hair and eyes, I used Viva Decor Pearl Pen to add dimension. I also used my gelly pens in both black and white to add the faux stitching.  The girls measure about 5 inches.  They were a big hit with the girls and the staff.

I'll be back sometime this weekend with pics of the decorations and favors I did for my grandson's 1st bday party.  Thanks for stopping by!

Sending you crafting wishes,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Simple Things #2

Hello my dear readers...just stopping by to share a pic I'm linking up to my latest favorite site, The Simple Things.  As I mentioned in this post, Carly Robertson, is hosting a photo challenge every Friday.  She gives a theme and readers are encouraged to link a photo that relates to that theme.  I check every week and I've loved every theme so far but have been unable to participate every week.  This week I decided that I wasn't going to wait until I had my camera with me and just snapped a picture with my phone.  

The theme this week is Everyday.  Meaning, snap a picture that reflects your everyday.  Well, my photo is just that...everyday, I go in to work and in less that 5 minutes my desk is a mess.  It's re-registration time at the school where I work as well as time to complete applications for scholarships so I'm bombarded with paperwork. The pile seems endless.  By 12pm, I'm dreaming of being at I can do laundry or craft or just spend time with my dogs....crazy I know! Most people want to run from their laundry...but I'll gladly take laundry duty over deadlines!!  

Well, this is all for now...can't wait to see what Carly's theme will be tomorrow!! It's just a great way for me to get to know my camera....and do something else I enjoy, photography....

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My invites are all set to go....made envelopes by following this tutorial found here.  

It was so easy, I just tweaked it a bit, I cut my 12x12 cardstock down to 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 and scored all around at 3 1/8 using the Martha Stewart scoring tool.  It was the perfect size!!  It's the first time I made my own envelopes and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

Thanks for stopping by!
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Quick hello,

Finished my party invites...planning decorations and games for kids...will share my project when everything is completed!

Party scheme will be in primary colors...

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some oldies....

Just stopping by to post pics of some old projects.  These were all done way back when I only had the original cricut and expression machines.  No gypsy & no CCR....

These first three projects I believe were done with Plantin Schoolbook

I think the number 18 was done using George Basic Shapes as well as the flowers attached to the bags in the background.  The bags were done with Plantin Schoolbook.  I made the tall and roly poly bags. These were party favors for my daughters' 18th birthday.

These favors were done for a Cub Scouts Blue & Gold event.  
These favors were for my cousin's baby shower. I made them using the Potpourri Cartridge.  I believe the Baby Boy topper on the diaper cake was done with  A Child's Year. 

Here are a few more close-ups of all the table decor...

This is a 1-page layout I did of my husband and I.  The inspiration came from out there in blogland and I don't have the person's name....
Using Indie Art cartridge

and the last project, cake toppers for my daughter's 20th bday cake....I have twins but only one was around at the time to celebrate the day with...
Disney Pooh font cartridge, her favorite.

Well this is all for now...back to household responsibilities, laundry & cooking.  I will be working on bday invites for my grandson's 1st bday and will post them after everything is completed.

Thanks for stopping by...have a blessed Sunday!!

Sending you crafting wishes,