Thursday, January 26, 2012

My failed project!

A few weeks ago, I got together with my family to celebrate Three Kings Day.  Since my budget was looking rather dismissal, I decided that some homemade gifts were in order.  After perusing Pinterest (can't get enough of that site) I decided that I would try my hand with some photos on canvas.  I looked up several websites and read instructions and it seemed simple enough.

Boy was I project did not turn out like I had hoped nor how it looked on all the sites I had checked out.

I printed my picture on tissue paper, using an inkjet printer

then I proceeded to get the canvas ready.  I used some decoupage glue that I had on hand

Once the canvas was completely covered, I set the tissue paper down on it

I spread it out carefully, trying to avoid air bubbles but it wasn't easy.   The canvas I was working with measured 3x3, a small size which I felt was perfect for this project since it was my first time doing it.  I could tell right away that the project was not going to work but I continued with it anyway.

As I watched it dry, I noticed the ink smearing on the bottom of the picture.  Later, I also noticed that the area around the eyes looked funny
I think my error was not waiting until the ink on the tissue paper was completely dry before I started gluing it down.  I should've let the ink settle and dry into the paper.....

I didn't even bother being neat with the sides since I was planning on wrapping some ribbon around it

I will try this project again soon and I'll let you all know how it works.  Right now I'm working on my winter bulletin board. When it's all completed, I'll post some pictures.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sending you crafting wishes,